Benchmark Construction and Inspection, Inc.

• Home Inspection Services - We expose the home’s defects and sometimes the defects are so severe that the best alternative is to decline the sale and go on to the next property. In other words, my findings can ruin real estate deals. Many realtors fear us but the purchasers love us. You want to know what is right and wrong with the home you are about to purchase. Not knowing what is wrong can cost you thousands.

• Radon testing - Many realtors will tell the purchaser that there is no or very little Radon in southwest Florida. The fact is, we have found many homes and condominiums having 9 and up to l3 picoCuries/Liter in this area. The Florida Department of Health and the federal government recommend a level below 4 picoCuries/L. Radon affects the lungs and can cause lung cancer. If the home has a level of 5 to 13 picoCuries/L., it can be the equivalent of smoking 1 to 2 packs of cigarettes a day. This can be very harmful to you and your family, not knowing what your future home tests at.


• Mold testing - We normally do a visual inspection and the sniff test during a normal home inspection. We have done inspections that have no visual indications or no smell and the mold test showed elevated mold. You can’t always see and smell mold. It is especially important to test if the home is in foreclosure. Often the home is closed for a long period of time, the power is turned off and the air conditioning does not run. Then the bank does not turn it on again until they take possession of the home.

• Chinese drywall inspection - We check for defective drywall used between 2001 and 2008.

• Wind mitigation inspection - This is an insurance inspection that reduces insurance premiums.

• 4 point inspection - Some insurance companies require this inspection for homes over 30 years old.


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