Items inspected

Walk around outside of home:
Grading drainage
Stucco-cracks, mold
Gutters, eves, soffits
Condition of roof-soffit under lament, cracked tiles, flashings
Condition of walks and driveway
Flashings, caulk around windows and doors

Check operation of appliances

Check operation of air conditioning/heating/filters

Check electrical:

GFCI circuits
Shorts/open neutral or ground
Inspect main panel for double tap/aluminum wire

Check operation of all windows/doors/cabinets


Observe condition of ceiling and wall drywall

Plumbing inspection:
Water flow rate out of faucets
Drainage flow rates
Toilet-flushing/loose bowl, seat or tank

Observe all floors for cracks, grout condition

Garage inspection:
Operation of vehicle door
Fire resistant entry door
5/8 inch drywall
Attic access

Attic inspection:
Pests-mice, bees, rats, ants, termites
Carpentry issues

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